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About Us

Intelipro is a boutique data-science consultancy
based in Nairobi

We help financial institutions and retail organisations improve business performance by leveraging on our proprietary technology and data science methodologies. We combine our expertise in research, finance and technology to provide bespoke services and solutions for decision-making. Our suite of products and models efficiently recommend decisions and generate insights with high levels of precision to help our customers learn and take action with their data.

What we do

We build intuitive dynamic decisioning and recommendation engines that are powered by robust, proprietary predictive models and a data network effect. Our tools help organisations develop new financial products, efficient supply chains and digital marketing strategies by minimising risks, maximising account value and making optimal decisions.

Our Products


Customer and Business Intelligence at your fingertips

Intelideck, our core platform, crunches any set of data, identifies patterns, maps consumer journeys and predicts future trends for retail organisations and financial institutions to leverage on in product development. Powered by data network effects, this platform identifies patterns in seemingly unrelated data and gets smarter as we feed it more data. Organisations have at their disposal our trove of data to overlay their own data and generate completely new insights.


Smart Credit Analytics

Intelilend automates risk management and generates credit scores using smart algorithms on millions of data points. Financial institutions can create more accessible credit products to people without traditional credit profiles or in instances where they are too costly to run. Our system also identifies the right accounts to target at every stage of the collection process to maximise profitability and reduce rates of default.


Moving beyond sentiment analysis

Intelisight uses social media data and web analytics to generate user insights on a company's various digital platforms and online channels. As more African consumers increasingly use social sites and online stores to identify and purchase goods, our recommendation engines enable businesses to study user patterns, reward online customer engagement and improve discoverability and user experience on their websites.

Our Team

Leonida Mutuku

Chief Executive

Anthony Kanyoko

Business Development.

Paul Mwandoe

Corporate Affairs.

Sidney Ochieng

Data Scientist.

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