For Financial Services

We support financial institutions to develop and up-sell products to customers who need them most. Our data tools enable our Financial Services partners to perform a variety of analytics including:

Customer Segmentation

Fraud analysis

Digital Banking and Loan Management solutions

Individual and Portfolio Risk Management

Targeted Investment

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For Retail and Manufacturing Sector

We support retailers and supply value chain players to create customized experiences for their customers and manage inventory.
By leveraging on Intelideck, our AI platform, retail sector players can identify patterns and preferences in consumption, map consumer journeys and predicts future trends to optimize product delivery and fulfilment.
Intelideck is right for you if you’d like to conduct the following analytics:

Customer segmentation

Inventory optimization

Dynamic pricing

Market basket analysis

Customer Loyalty analysis

Product recommendations

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For Digital Marketing

As more African consumers increasingly use social sites and online stores to identify and purchase goods, we work with digital marketing and sales teams to deliver top-of-the-class online and personalized experiences.
Our recommendation engines leverage Intelideck’s capabilities to enable businesses to study user behaviour across multiple channels, reward online customer engagement and improve discoverability and user experience on their websites.
By bringing together data from all your online and offline media channels, digital marketers can perform analytics such as:

Market Mix Modeling


Lead generation

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