We work with businesses serving retail customers to incorporate machine learning in new and existing products. We support our clients to create customized experiences for their customers and increase revenue while reducing operational costs.

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Customer Analytics

We work with you to develop and up-sell products to customers who need them most. By leveraging on Reja, our AI platform, you can identify your customer preferences and offer personalized products and services.

Customer Segmentation

Use our clustering algorithms to identify new segments of customers by shared characteristics.

Churn Analysis

Minimize customer attrition by predicting which customers are likely to stop using your product and understanding why.

Customer Lifetime Value

Predict your most valuable customers and the amount of profit they will bring to your company in the future.

Revenue and Product Analytics

We study user engagement with your products and services to determine your profitability in the long-term, help you optimize and manage your inventory, and improve the discoverability of your products.

Revenue Forecasting

Analyze and predict your revenue growth over time accounting for seasonality and the effects of promotions and discounts.

Product Basket Analysis

Use our association tools to identify the most popular and profitable mix of products and services purchased together.

Recommendation Engines

Implement our hybrid models to upsell products to new users based on the preferences of customers with similar profiles.

Credit Risk Analytics

We evaluate small businesses for short-term loans, working capital, and trade-credit based on their transaction data. We also provide accompanying visual dashboards to display to our customers key business metrics and analytics based on the same data.

Credit Scoring

Use our Machine Learning Classification tools to assign credit ratings and limits based on customer behavior on your platform.

Dynamic Interest Rates

Price loans in a flexible manner based on demand forecasting and repayment behavior and market conditions.

Loan Management Solutions

Deploy our visual dashboards representing your loan portfolio at risk and overall portfolio performance metrics.

Digital Analytics

African consumers are increasingly using social sites and online stores to identify and purchase goods. We work with your digital marketing and sales teams to bring together data from all your online and offline channels to deliver top-of-the-class online and personalized experiences.


We help you evaluate which marketing and sales campaigns and touchpoints are the most effective in converting customers and why.

Market Mix Modeling

We help you understand what is the ROI per sales/marketing channel and how much to spend per marketing strategy.

Sentiment Analysis

We use machine learning to understand your customers' attitudes and reactions on various platforms.

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